Gionatan Verdier


Gionatan is an internationally ignored vegetable and sanitation visualiser/photographer. Travelling the world on his pedello to meet the gardeners de chois; his images are highly regarded by virtually no-one with taste hence the enormous and vacuous appeal to celebrities, politicians and contestants on acronym titled reality programmes. The images attempt vainly to capture the essence of the design-lead event escapade in the ongoing gardening zeitgeist environment per se such and such and document the vanishing rural idle basket of goodies. Gionatan can assure everyone the images are additive free, fat free, gluten free, milk free, sugar free,  FairGame sourced and completely content & style free. As unofficial image facilitator documentieraliser for the 2018 Pris de Cul Complet competition in Paris (un cafe cuillere graisseuse dans Le Croydon) Gionatan was feted for his unique lack of interpretation or relevance in the urban click bait dilemma. But he did tattoo one of the judges. Images are probably available for framing or charging with petty criminal offences.

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Above: A sultry Wednesday evening catching crisps (£3456)

Above: Charles Dickens as a child (12/6d)

Above: The seige of Winchester on bicycles AD 1245 (POA).

Above: My mother swimming off the coast of Hungary with dolphins (Buy one set one free)

Above: Self portrait 1 and 7 (Not for sale, eaten)

Above: Mesdames etaient ici (1/3) £4.12

Above: Joy from doing your make-up in the dark with your eyes closed under a blanket with your hands tied behind your back (Priceless)

Above: Mesdames sont ici (2/3) £41.20

Above: The QE 2 in a storm (£12,000)

Above: Mesdames seront ici (3/3) £412.00

Above: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing personal computer elit. Nullam porttitor augue a turpis porttitor maximus. Nulla luctus smoked sausage elementum felis, sit amet condimentum lectus rutrum eget curry. (3 for £4.50 condiments extra)