Paul Barfoot

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Paul Barfoot studied technical illustration at Portsmouth College or Art & Design, and worked as an illustrator and graphic designer for nearly 30 years. Paul picked up his brushes again in 2016 to paint watercolours and acrylics. Working from his studio in Old Windsor, he has developed a fascination for animal and marine subjects.



A4 sized acrylic on black card. Percy is a lurcher cross, pictured here chasing his ball at speed!


30x30cm, acrylic on box canvas. A "triple pour" technique, to create the image of a reef seen from underwater. The reef seems to be bursting with life - as it should be!

"On The Edge"
(300x300 on canvas) A triple pour technique artwork. A comment on the state of our oceans   SOLD


30x30cm, acrylic on box canvas. Rigby is a lazy but lovable old hound. I love the relaxed pose but the alertness in his eyes. This picture is destined for his owner in New Zealand. Please ask about animal portraits.

otto1000pixwjpg "Otto"

Acrylic on black card, 30x30cm. A "negative space" painting, allowing the card to show through as the black areas. Otto is a German short haired pointer, caught here in a "leave me alone" moment. Please enquire about animal portraits.

regatta1000picswjpg"Regatta 1" 

Acrylic on canvas, 60x50cm. The traditional Thames skiffs are lined up in the early morning sunshine, ready to race. They show the scars of battles, with parts replaced or repaired over many years of competition. These beautiful craft are testament to the boat builders' skill.


 "Help me!"

Description: 60cm x 50cm, acrylic on canvas. As a diver and environmentalist I adore these majestic masters of the oceans. I hope mankind will wake up in time to realise what we are doing to them.


"Space"  800x300mm acrylic on canvas


"Madagascar"  800x300mm acrylic on canvas   SOLD

"The Hypnotist"
300x250mm, acrylic on canvas. SOLD



300x300mm acrylic on canvas

300x300mm acrylic on canvas


"Evil Nigel"

800x300mm acrylic on canvas